Which player do you prefer, one that does everything, although it may not do anything excellent, or one that does a few things in a exceptional way, but in return can not do others?

Is a versatile player really useful? Is a specialist player limited? Are either profiles overrated? Depends on the context? Does it depend on the team? Does it depend on the coach? Does it depend on the level and type of competition?

If I am an athlete and I have a period to invest in my development as a player, which suits me best when I have to prioritize: perfect my strengths to differentiate myself or reinforce my weak points to be more complete?

If I am a coach or a GM, I would prefer: make sure I sign a player who can fulfill different functions, roles and positions, or bet on the best in each role and position, knowing that they cannot fulfill other areas?

As a coach or GM, do you know what your team needs, apart from saying “a good one”? Do you have a game model defined? Is the project going to have continuity? Is there a game and work philosophy? Do you build from zero or is there a base? Do you have time to develop and build or can you only fit pieces? Do you know what your competition is going to demand?

As a player, do you know which player profile you should be? Are you clear about your career plan to make decisions in your development? Do you know in which league or competition you would like to play and what do you need to be there? What is the balance between what you are going to be asked for and what you want to do? Do you know why they signed you, why they will sign you or why you want them to sing you? Do you know what your competition is going to demand? 

Maybe we can start with this last part.

First, know what we need and then, look for it or work to achieve it.