We introduce you the faces and motivations behind the project; who we are and how we are.


Albert Quílez

My parents introduce me to basketball when I was 4 years old. Since then, sport has always been with me. Nowadays, I accompany other people, in their professional and personal life. Anything that happens in the real world also appears in the sports world too. For this reason, it has always been for me, more than an activity, a school of life.

From my passion I have created my job, however, I never prepared myself for a specific role. I wanted to know about sports, training and human beings. I prepared myself to help athletes and other profiles, to be better and optimize their performance, although this is a path that never ends…

Dept. of Communication and Design

Carla Mir

My education is related to journalism but my vocation is in communication. I have always believed that communication is the tool in order to transform our society, which is why I specialized in political communication. Then I realized that sport is too, and here I am.

For me, sport, specifically football, was an oasis in my childhood. Focus on the defensive line of my class team, my job was to keep the ball out of the goal. They made me feel like I had a place in the world, no matter what. I owe them a lot.

Dept. of Sport Science and Performance Consulting

Pau Díaz-Flores

Before I found basketball, my sport was chess, and I was pretty good at. There was a time where I combined the two activities; the loneliness and pressure of one, with the freedom and collaboration of the other one.

They really are two very different worlds from which I have been able to learn, enjoy and currently dedicate myself professionally. I have had a lot of positive experiences and I have met a lot of people who have been with me all this time. It is said that we are the average of the 5 people who most surround us. Who surrounds you?

Dept. of Sport Science and Performance Consulting

Jose Moya

Sport and I have always gone hand in hand. Since I was a child, sports and exercise have been an excuse to get together with my friends; a place to have fun, compete, improve and discover ourselves.

I started playing football and basketball at school, until I had to choose one of them, and I stayed with basketball. As I grew older, I thought that if I made it my profession, my life would be much happier and complete.

Dept. of Sport Science and Performance Consulting

Xavi Rodríguez

I have always been surrounded by physical activity and sports. Ever since I remember, I have had memories of hiking with my parents in nature and practicing team sports in a federated way.

During these years of professional experience, I have developed different roles in the world of sports. Also as a teacher and leading a cooperation project using basketball as a guiding thread. “Sport is everywhere”; is a good way to understand life.

Legal Department

Guillermo Francés

From a young age, my parents taught me sport as a philosophy of life, and today this is my way of understanding life, because of the values it transmits to me, such as effort, commitment, humility, companionship and respect, all of them much needed in our society.

In my day-to-day life as a lawyer, my job as a tax, business and sports law counselor keeps me going at a high rhythm, which I release with my passion for running. I have run some marathons, and that is how I prepare for the ones I later have in my professional life.

Dept. of Communication and Design

Rubén Aja

My relationship with sports completely immersed me in swimming and taught me to value every second won, every thousandth.

Everything matters and when you don’t go forward, you go backward. It is a sport that teaches you both about performance and about yourself and they are lessons that I apply in all areas.

Today I dedicate myself to get every second and every byte to devices that fall into my hands, including this website you are reading.


Words from the Director

I started BTA from zero, with no clients. I went all in. Today, I look back and I think I was crazy.

I have always preferred challenges, if I believe in them 100% before settling for the stability of easier things that do not fill me.

BTA is a dream that became a goal, then a project, and finally, it came true. Where no one has given me anything for free, but where a lot of people have helped me a lot.

I risked it all, and even though I lost things along the way, it has been better than I would have ever imagined. Of course, I have always thought that if I had done it in half, I would never have succeeded. Because the people we work for are constantly risking everything, and if I can understand them, it is because I live the same way they do.

What I value the most are the people who trust us when the results are not immediate, the ones who trust the process because they see or feel changes, even if others do not perceive them yet, and when these people are doing well and we see their eyes shining, all the efforts and sacrifices are worth it. The best professional changes are those based previously on personal changes, and this requires time and desire.

For this reason, we try to enjoy the ride so much, and even it is not always fun, we make it useful. Without a doubt, this trip is exciting.

Albert Quílez Cuadros
Founder and CEO of BTA