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BTA is a professional figure behind the athlete, who helps him manager everything that influences his/her performance, from a global and interconnected perspective.

Bta Pro Athletes


The performance of an athlete is directly linked to his/her personal, professional and social life, both in the public and private spheres. This is what we call the “dimensions of the athlete”.

All these dimensions are already being worked on, more or less, better or worse. We have not discovered anything in this field.

So, what makes it different from BTA? We not only work them being rigorous with all the details, we also connect all the dots.



Our tracking is so comprehensive (non-invasive), individualized and personalized that we have more information about the athlete than anyone else.

In no case do we replace any existing figure, nor do we interfere with the work of any other professional. On the contrary, our role is to support when necessary, make the day to day easier, connect the dots and provide information, when useful, to other professionals who also interact with the athlete. The athlete is the protagonist of all this, therefore, the best for him or her and his/her team, is always the best for everyone.

In this way, we build a complete vision of the athlete from his/her style of play, the competition, the team, the physical, mental, emotional and relational state, to help them achieve the goals, which we previously set.

Throughout this process, we accompany you, covering the needs that arise at any given time.


The profiles

The athletes we work with stand out for having the following points in common.

Illusion and Passion
They love what they do, it is not just their job
Ambition and Determination
They constantly think what they can do to be better, and then they do it
Effort and Sacrifices
They are very hard workers. They understand that achieving their dreams comes at a price
Commitment and Loyalty
They are committed to what we do. We give it our all for them, but the relationship is two-way


The athletes we work with or have worked with are a key part of BTA, because this project was founded for them.

This is a wonderful time and space for athletes of the highest level to speak great about us. However, we do not want to use this section for this, for the following reasons:

It is the athlete who decides what to publish, when to publish and how to publish it. We just want to work, enjoy and help them achieve their goals. Popularity has never been a priority for us.

This does not mean that everything is secret and that we do not publish anything. It simply depends on each person his or her level of visibility. Athletes we work with or have worked with:


LF1, Eurocup, Euroleague, WNBA, Spanish National Team


ACB, NCAA, NBA, Spanish National Team