Play for you

As a professional, how many hours are you going to spend in the dark, compare with a few hours to be in the light. How many flights are you going to take, how many plans you won’t attend because your schedule is special. How many days you will be far away from your family and your people. How many things are you going to sacrifice for that dream. How many times you will be understood in a wrong way by press media and how many times will you feel misunderstood. How many times are you going to feel alone. And we can continue.

I am sorry, but you need to make all of this worthy. You need to play for you first. Your sacrifices deserve that. Dreams could become a nightmare if we don’t do something. And that ‘something’ is you being proud of yourself, using every part of the process to improve yourself, and being ready to take advantage of your opportunities.

Play for you means to understand that you will deserve everything that you will achieve for all the effort that you have been done


Play for someone

He/She could be someone you love, someone is taking you as an example, someone that you are inspiring, someone who believes in you or someone who helped you when no one else did. Could be more than one reason at the same time, and could be more than one person. Could be your family, your child, your partner, your teammates, your coach, your grandma, whoever. But it has to be someone who brings you an extra feeling, a feeling that you would die for. You are not playing just for yourself, you are playing also for this people that won’t let you down.

There are no rules; This person/people can be alive or death, can be living with/close to you or not, can be in your daily life or maybe you even don’t know them (a bunch of kids that you know they are following you and taking you as an example). Also, that person/people can change if you want to change it.

Play for someone means to understand that what you’re doing is bigger than you


Play for something

You have a gift and a chance. You can be a superhero being an athlete. You can inspire more than you think. You can have a purpose to achieve and your sport can be the best scenario to show it. You can influence and change how people is going to feel for a while, how many people is going to respect you and your team or club, what image are you going to spread in and out of the court. You can’t imagine how many people you can help being a reference and how many people won’t give up because you didn’t.

Like it or not, you are going to change so many lives. Better to use that power to do something good. Every time you step inside the court, every time you talk in public, every time you express your values you got a chance to inspire the world.

Play for something means to understand that you have a power you can use to improve the world


Pick your three reasons to play and make that all the sacrifice become worth it. 

First, you. 

Second, someone you love or inspire. 

Third, the rest of the world.


In summary…

Behind The Athlete