Have you ever seen two people manage the same situation in a different way? Where some are brave, others run away, where some sink, others grow, what motivates some of them overwhelms others. And why is this happening? What can I do and what would be better for me? Let’s learn something first:

All living things are composed of complex organic compounds where carbon is combined with other elements. Carbon is an element that, when subjected to pressure conditions and extreme temperatures, becomes diamond. Without that pressure, carbon can be converted into another material such as graphite.

Diamond is one of the toughest materials on earth,due to the strong bond between its atoms, debido a la fuerte unión que hay entre sus átomos. En la escala de Mohs, que mide la dureza de los materiales, el diamante está en el 10 sobre 10. Tiene características físicas superlativas, por su enlace covalente, convirtiéndose en el mineral con más dureza y conductividad térmica que conoce el ser humano.

Diamonds are formed at 120-200 km deep, in a process that can last from 1 to 3.3 million years, and in which a lot of energy with high pressures and temperatures is necessary. The approximate pressure to get a diamond is 150,000 times the atmospheric pressure.

Is it necessary to constantly expose yourself to high pressure situations?

No, it is not. There are other options. However, the only option to become a diamond is to accept, manage and get out of that pressure. So, if you want to be a diamond, and you do not like the pressure, maybe you are on the wrong path.

It is not mandatory to be a diamond, you can be many other rewarding and meaningful things. Graphite, for example, can be used to form pencils and be able to write, can help make engineering parts, can moderate nuclear reactors. All these functions are very useful, necessary and valid. But do not confuse and it is better not to lie to yourself. If you are graphite, you are not diamond, although both are formed by carbon atoms, their structure and properties are completely different.

Diamond is not better than graphite, it is simply harder to find. It depends on what we look for, it will be more useful for one or the other. The atoms of graphite are organized into flat sheets joined together by less aggressive forces and that slide over each other easily, which is why it wears away with friction and thanks to it serves to write. On the other hand, in the diamond, their atoms are strongly linked to each other by covalent bonds in all directions, and that is why it is extremely hard. Both options are valid and have applications. What is not consistent is to pretend to write a book with a diamond, nor to pretend to be extremely resistant behaving like graphite.

What do you want to do now? Choose what you want, but please, do not fool yourself. And if you want to get something you are not ready for, ask for help.

What is clear is that: