Before BTA, I was living in London. There I met and worked with very interesting people, from different countries and professions, with different roles and needs. Today I will talk about one of them.

Her name is Scarlet and she works as an actress. At that time, she was doing a very physical play, which she had to keep different positions without moving, for a long time, and where they acted very day in the following format:


This is a lot! In addition to all training, preparations and practices for it. For those who believe and trust that luck will guide you in your life, without working hard to achieve your dreams, you may need to know that Scarlet trained with me twice per week, and one of them was almost always on her day off. After that morning workout, then she did rest and disconnect from a long and hard week, to face the next one. However, her priorities were clear. These types of athletes, and people in general, are the ones I admire.

Scarlet W.

Sus objetivos y nuestro trabajo fue el siguiente:

1.   Prepare her body for the specific efforts she had to make.

2.   Take care of injury prevention.

3.  Continue to improve its structure and functionality, thinking about her career in the medium and long term.

4.  Strengthen her posture, balance and body perception, which were already very good, but also very necessary for her work.

5.  Stimulate the variety in training, to maintain the illusion and daily challenge, understanding that her weekly and daily structure was already very monotonous and repetitive.

Working with Scarlet was a great experience. I considered her a professional athlete and, in fact, I have never trained anyone with more body awareness than her. She was very disciplined and professional. Even so, I am very restless and my mind is always on, I always thought about that:

“A professional athlete who trains, competes and/or plays matches, can have a repetitive work structure (train-compete-repeat), although matches and competitions are always different. However, Scarlet did exactly the same thing every day at Covent Garden, in front of 1,000 spectators per show. In fact, there were two days, which function was performed twice.”

My question was obvious and one day I asked it:

“How do you do it to maintain your motivation and enthusiasm, having to do exactly the same thing every day repeatedly, for so many months?”


(Before continuing, think for a moment, what answer would you have given me)

Her answer impressed me to this day:

“Because I never know if the person who will give me my next job is going to be in the audience today.”“Porque yo nunca sé si la persona que me dará mi próximo trabajo va a estar entre el público hoy.”



Scarlet’s lesson:

?Define your priorities and prepare yourself to achieve your goals, because even knowing that you are going to have to sacrifice things, the question you have to ask yourself is: “Does it really makes me excited, am I willing to do it and is it worth it?”

?You do things for you, not for others. For all the hours you invest and everything you sacrifice. You only show your work to others and try to help them in some way, and why not, make them happier. But there is one clear thing: you never know who may be watching or who you may be inspiring.

This is another demonstration that I feel privileged, because I enjoy and learn a lot from all my athletes. And I do not say “my athletes” from possession or ego. No one is mine, because nobody is from anyone. I say it from the gratitude and affection of those who trust you so that at a given moment you can teach and help them in certain things, without being aware that they are the ones who end up helping and teaching you.

Scarlet, it was a pleasure.