There are many athletes with enough talent and skills to kill it but they never succeed
At BTA we advise athletes and other high performance profiles to achieve 100% of their potential and explode their careers

The Performance Compass

Setting goals is easy. We all do it at least once a year. The difficult thing is to persevere and reach them.

The Performance Compass is a free guide to help you reach your goals by training meaningfully, measuring your progress and keeping your motivation high.

This content (just Spanish version) has been created by professionals and contains 10 practical strategies to control and boost your performance:

Do you prefer one-on-one help?

At BTA we are performance consultants for sport and business


If you feel that inside you there is much more than you are showing, we advise you to explode your full potential and reach your personal highest level to make you feel proud about your performance.


The business world is also a very competitive environment. In it, improving your performance can help you surpass your competence, make your company grow or multiply your income.

If you prefer to do it on your own…

BTA Academy

With the right tools, you can create your own performance plan. For this reason, we have created different courses that will help you (without the need to spend money on hiring professionals) to exploit your talent and skills to make your own path and perform above your competence.

Our one-on-one services can be done in English.
Our products like ebooks or courses are just made in Spanish.

Who am I

My name is Albert Quílez

I have always competed, but I never considered being a professional athlete. I knew that I lacked that natural talent necessary to reach the top.

Luckily, I realized that I had other virtues. Among them, an innate ability to detect the talent of other people and help them exploit it beyond what they themselves believe possible.

After more than 10 years preparing myself, I decided to create BTA in 2017. Since then I have worked hand in hand with elite athletes and high performance profiles to catapult their careers.

I was not a professional athlete, but I did become a sports professional. And now, in addition, I share everything I have learned online through BTA Academy.

Do you want to start on your own?

Download for free The Performance Compass, a guide to help you reach your goals by training meaningfully, measuring your progress and keeping your motivation high.