High performance can be in any place, task or person; however, having potential for an activity, developing it and prove it, are different things. We help high performance profiles to chase their dreams and that is how we achieve ours.


What we do

We are a consultancy (independent assessment) specialized in managing and providing resources to increase performance. Performance is multifactorial and complex. You touch something and everything changes. Our work is not easy, but we love that challenge.

We analyze the process to look for improvements, although we know that we will be evaluated for our results. Instead of scaring us, this context motivates us even more.

To succeed in high performance, the first thing you need to do is: learn how live in this environment.


How we do it

Improving has a lot of merit, but the key is to know how to detect the most appropriate improvement at any given time.

Time is limited and while we are doing some things, we stop doing others.

What is built with a meaning, patience, perseverance and effort, it is always harder to destroy.

This is necessary in a society where it is encouraged to achieve everything quickly, effortlessly and constantly looking for false illusions of security and control.

Accept complexity, uncertainty, be perseverant, not make excuses, talk less and do more, is the approach we choose.


For whom we do it

We work mainly with professional athletes, but not exclusively, for different reasons:

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Our 'no' list

No magic
Applied and proved science
No passing trends
Creativity based in evidence, not in fashion
No miracle solutions
Determination and effort
No templates
Tailored solutions
Yes to challenges and to improve
We can all improve. Starting with yourself. To be able to give your best to others, to be able to lead and inspire. Positive referents are never enough, they are always needed and hopefully, you are or want to be one of them. If you have the predisposition, we have the tools: you are just one click away!
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What about the 'yes' list?