Is doubting a problem?

It depends

During the game yes, in the game plan no.

Behind The Athlete

Doubt when you do not have time to think, won’t let you be convinced with the option the you will choose. And if you play half convinced, you have a huge disadvantage. 

However, doubt about the approach, the game plan, the strategy, the path to follow, etc. It will be useful to reaffirm whether we are truly right or  if we need to change.

Many athletes doubt throughout their careers and, with a good accompaniment, it is the best they can do, because it will help them to rethink where they want to go, what they want to change, what they need to improve and what they want to keep in the same way.

Many coaches doubt about their approaches, game models and strategies, but the sooner the better, because then you need time to build it up. 

There are also many athletes and coaches who doubt during their competitions, and in that moment, they are dead. You have to get to the competition with your things clear, because in an environment where every small detail counts, it is only worth to compete being 100% convinced. 

That does not mean that playing being convinced we will make everything perfect. In fact, we will always make mistakes that we will need to adjust, but we need to understand that if we doubt before execution, we will be already falling before to start. 

If you play convinced you do not have 100% chances of win, but if you play with doubts you have almost 100% chances of lose.

If you doubt during competition, your team will lose confidence in you, you will decrease your credibility and the security you transmit. In addition, if the opponent is smart enough and knows how to compete, he/she will penalize you for it, taking advantage of your doubts and creating you even more problems trying to collapse you, and not let you think putting more pressure on you. 

On the other hand, if you have done this work previously and you arrive with determination at the key moment, it will be you and your team who will take advantage, because you can use more attention to read the game and everything that is happening, to make the best decision in every moment.

Is doubt okay?

Yes and No. It depends on the moment, the context and how we are going to deal with these doubts, because we can get out of them better or worse than we were. What it is clear is that at some point it will be necessary to confirm whether or not we are on the right path to achieve our goals.

In summary…

Behind The Athlete