Counseling for high-performance profiles and teams in companies
Your performance is directly related to the benefits that your company obtains. Can you imagine what it would mean to boost that performance?

Sport and business have more in common than it seems

Both require a combination of hard work and talent to outperform the competence and achieve goals. And values such as team spirit, effort, sacrifices and self-improvement are shared.

That you and your employees work hard every day we will take it for granted.


Are you sure everyone is performing 100%?

If you sometimes think your employees (or yourself) could do it better, it is probably true.

Luckily, there is a solution…

Time is often confused with productivity. It is more important to take advantage of the time giving your best to achieve a goal than to spend the time to complete 8 hours.

Because more time does not imply more productivity, but we can perform 100% during the time we are productive.

This means not only more profit, but also a better environment.

When your team performs and the results arrive:

  • You don’t need to be the office cop.
  • You don’t get mad because someone rests 5 minutes more.


And people who work in a productive environment do so more at ease and feel more engaged. This means they are happier and better employees.

Higher efficiency and higher effectiveness = better performance.

It is a positive vicious circle that generates more satisfaction and more benefits.

At BTA we have created a system based on the same techniques that we apply to athletes… but adapted to the business world. And we help both managers and teams looking to produce more, without spending more time.

What options do you have?

One-to-one with manager and “bosses”

A ship can never reach a good port if it does not have a great captain: to improve your company, the first thing that must improve is yourself.

To do this, you must work on two fronts:

  • Your own performance.
  • Your ability to enhance the performance of your team.


Because to be a good boss, the first thing is to be a good leader.

At BTA we work hand in hand with you to detect opportunities for improvement in you and your employees. And we propose systems to enhance the performance of the entire team.

Assessment for teams in companies

Your team produces more and better results for your company when they perform at 100%.

But to get the most out of your human team, you need something more than doing team building activities that are more typical of a school than of a serious company.

By working with us, you will:

Do you want to improve the results of your company?

Whether you are interested in a one-on-one with our specialists or if you are looking to improve the performance of your team, write to us so that we can assess your case. We will respond to you in less than 72 hours.


The answer is easy: NO.

If your philosophy is to squeeze your employees to exhaustion, you do not fit in with us. At BTA we believe in creating environments that keeps employees motivated. And in exploiting performance to the maximum while respecting reality: no one can be productive 100% of their time.

In addition, more time does not mean better.

Very easy. Ask yourself the following questions:

Does your salary (including bonus) vary based on your performance?

Do you have a role with enough responsibility to impact other people?

In your work, is there pressure, ambitious goals and exposure to having to manage success and failure?

If you answered “Yes” to at least 2 of the 3 questions, you are a high performance profile.

Treating him like an athlete or a coach, depending on his/her situation.

Knowing their reality, capabilities and the goals they have.

Helping them to be in optimal physical and mental conditions, to be able to perform as an example to follow for the employees, balancing the professional reality with the personal well-being to execute with energy on a daily basis and make good strategic decisions in the medium and long term.

The word consulting implies a part of analysis and another to provide or implement solutions and improvements. If what you are looking for are magic formulas that change in one day how you or your organization works, we are sorry but that is not what you will find here.

The process can be adapted to the specific period that a project lasts or to a specific need.

Activities of a single day, such as a talk/speech, can make sense to awaken or impact on something specific. But don’t be fooled: to achieve change, continuity is required, because the next day everyone will focus again on the pile of papers on the table and the unopened emails.

Treating them as what they should be and often are not: a team.

Understanding their individual needs and differences but making them work for a common goal. Taking advantage of their individual strengths for the projects and training their weak points so that they do not weigh them down and they can perform more without having to dedicate more hours.

Developing their talent, skills and competencies for the role they currently have or the one they could occupy in the future.

We can advise you, but we cannot work for you or direct your team. In the end, the performance obtained will depend on how you apply the guidelines that we give you.

However, we are so sure of our system that we offer you the possibility of recovering your money if you feel that it is not for you within the trial period. As long as you follow all our instructions, of course.

We have worked with athletes who bill more than many companies.

Why are we telling you this? Because we are used to working in high pressure environments where the result must arrive. If you are in a similar situation, you will not need to tell us much so that we can understand you.