Personalized advice on sports performance
You have the talent. We help you to exploit 100% to become your best version and reach new goals in your sports career.

People when looking to improve their performance usually do one thing

And by “one thing” we mean just that: one thing.

Hire a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a psychologist, a skills coach…

What is the problem?

Performance does not depend on a single factor.

We give you a very simple example:

An nutritional plan helps you feel better, but if you do not work on your mindset you will not know how to deal with the pressure of competition.

And that affects your performance even if you eat avocado every day.

The same happens if you focus on any other area exclusively.

To bring out your full potential, you must understand and work on your performance as the sum of many factors. Because that is what it is. And if someone tells you that theirs is the key to success, be careful.

At BTA we advise you to work on your performance from all angles and to overcome the challenges you face.

Do you want to know how? Keep reading.

How do we help you at BTA?

This is the exact process that we will follow together.

1. Analyze your reality

To know how to improve, you need to understand where you are failing.

In this first phase, we focus on analyzing your context, your physical and mental preparation, without intervening. We do not substitute or change anything, we only observe to draw conclusions.

The goal is to detect potential improvements before proceeding to exploit your internal capabilities.

2. Define your profile

With the previous analysis in hand, we define your sports profile so that you know and understand yourself better.

You will see what your strengths and weaknesses are. And we will help you detect opportunities for improvement and factors that are hindering your performance.

You will be able to see that profile yourself and it will help you work smarter.

3. Create your improvement plan

Now yes, it is time to collect the information and create an improvement plan.

We will provide you with a personalized roadmap to exploit your strengths and minimize the impact of your weaknesses on the way to achieving your goals.

If you follow the plan, in a short time you will notice how your performance improves. And that translates into better results, of course.

Try our assessment without risk for 50 days

We can advise you, but we cannot put on your shoes and run for you. In the end, the performance obtained will depend on how you apply the guidelines that we give you.

However, we are so confident in our system that we offer you the possibility of getting your money back if you feel that it is not for you within the 50-day trial period.

As long as you follow our plan, of course.

Ready to break a sweat?

If you feel that there is much more inside you than what you are showing, write to us so we can assess your case.


Our longest journey has been in the basketball world. It is the sport where we started and in which we have the most experience. But that does not mean it is the only one we work on: then came handball, tennis, soccer, paddle, tennis, football, athletics or waterpolo.

We care more about your particular case than the sport you practice. If you have doubts, contact us and we will talk about it.

Our service is not basic or cheap.

We have been dedicated to this work for many years and we are focused on helping pro athletes (we are talking about Olympic athletes, national team, NBA and WNBA players).

If you are an amateur and you are looking to improve your performance, our recommendation is that you look at the online resources that we have at BTA Academy. With what is in there, you can become your own performance advisor. The courses that you will find there are just in Spanish.

This question can only be answered by you.

It is one thing to perform quite well and another one is to exploit 100% of your potential. And that can change a lot the results you get. If your goal is to find the best version of yourself, “pretty good”, will not be enough.

Knowing this, think about how much you desire to improve your performance and fulfill the dreams for which you have been working since you were a kid.

We can advise you, but we cannot put on your shoes and run for you. In the end, the performance obtained will depend on how you apply the guidelines that we give you.

However, we are so sure of our system (because we proved it with a lot of athletes) that we offer you the possibility of recovering your money if you feel that is not for you, within the trial period (50 days). As long as you follow our plan, of course.

Most of the athletes we work with highly value their privacy and prefer that their names not appear on the web.

Sometimes it is easy to hire a service, but not so much to unsubscribe.

Many people make it difficult for you to abandon this type of consultancy. But it is not our case.

If at any time you want to stop working with us, we will give you all the facilities. Although you must understand that this is a process, we want you to stay because you want to continue improving and you are happy with us, not because you are obligated to stay.