About us

Have you ever been told that you can still give a lot more of yourself?
In that case, it is most likely true.
And you are in the right place to get it.

My name is Albert Quílez

For more than 10 years he has been helping athletes and high-performance profiles to get the full potential they have inside.

What does that mean?

Run a little faster, hit more three point shots, qualify for competitions, get medals, earn more money… 
It depends on the world in which you are.

How did I end up being a performance consultant?

I have always competed, but I never considered being a professional athlete. I knew that I lacked that natural talent necessary to reach the top.

Luckily, I realized that he had other virtues.

Among them, an innate ability to detect the talent of other people and help them exploit it beyond what they themselves believe possible.

But my work is not based only on something that “I am good at”.



In addition to that skill, I have been specifically trained:

  • BSc in Sport Science and Physical Education (INEFC-UB)
  • BSc in Psychology (UOC)
  • MSc in High Performance in Team Sports (INEFC-Byomedic System)
  • Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (HA)


That is why I say that I am not a professional athlete, but I am a sports professional.

And BTA is the result of all that preparation.


Here we have 2 goals:

  1. Help you feel that you are the best version of yourself.
  2. Help you achieve your sporting and professional goals.


For this we have a specialized TOP team.

Let me introduce them:

BTA team, your team


Pau Díaz-Flores

Dept. of Sport Science and Performance Consulting

Jose Moya

Dept. of Sport Science and Performance Consulting

Xavi Rodríguez

Dept. of Sport Science and Performance Consulting

Roger Franch

Dept. of Communication and Design

Carla Mir

Dept. of Communication and Design

Rubén Aja

Legal Department

Guillermo Francés

A small improvement, sustained over time, lead to big changes… and huge results

Imperceptible details can have big effects on your performance.

Just changing something. Or do it in a different way. And you can live a radical change that leads you to explode as a professional.

At BTA we put our focus on detecting these factors and giving you alternatives.

And we do it in 3 easy steps:

  • We analyze your professional reality to detect potential improvements.
  • We define your profile to see strengths and weaknesses that can be exploited and reinforced.
  • We implement a personalized action plan to help you improve your performance and your results.


We help you become the best version of yourself, stand out in your specialty and open new doors in your sports or professional career.

Do you want to start on your own?

Download for free The Performance Compass, a guide to help you reach your goals by training meaningfully, measuring your progress and keeping your motivation high.

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